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  •  Ten years extensive technical experience in administration, implementation, configuration, and troubleshooting of standard & enterprise network systems using Windows NT Servers, Windows 2000 Servers and Windows 2003 Servers. LAN & WAN TCP/IP based application network.
  • Exposures to various networking devices like 3Com hubs/switches, CISCO router/ switches. RAD leased line Modems.
  • Designing and implementation of appropriate network, hardware. Software upgrades to maintain optimum usability, availability and efficiency.
  •  Implementation of FTP and mail services for ISP networks and SKSE Securities Ltd. using third party server software in LAN & WAN environment.
  • .Optimizing Online trading Technology with Multicast analysis and Fix protocol Analysis
  • Successful ISP Setup project of ZIPL with various type of server 
  • Brokerage house Setup with online trading optimization technology.

Technical Skills :

Network Operating Platforms:

  •  Windows NT/2000/2003 server and windows Client operating systems.
  • RHEL,Cantos,Debian Linux
  • Good understanding of, TCP/IP, DNS, WINS, DHCP.
  • · Cisco IOS

Communications and Networking :

  • Wan Protocols (HDLC, PPP)
  •  Routing Static Routing & Protocols (RIP)

Network Security:

  •  Network Protocol And Performance Analyzing
  •  Implementation of VLAN for LAN security
  • Layer 3 and 4 based Switched network for network segmentation and access control
  •  Snort IDS
  •  Open VPN technology for better security and reliability
  • Firewall and tcp/ip advanced techniques like network address translation and port forwarding


· Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS 5.0 & IIS 4.0)
· SQL 7 & SQL 2000
· Microsoft RAS and PPTP based VPN server.
· Linux based mail server
· Apache web server
· Squid proxy caching server
· Linux based customized server.

Network Hardware Platform

· Hub, switches, media converter, Xdsl modem,
· Cisco 1700,2500,2600,1800 Routers with 11.1 to 12.4 IOS
· 3com RAS server
· Cisco 2950, 3750 (Layer-2, Layer-3) Manageable Switches.
· D link DES-3326sr (Layer-3) Manageable Switch

Anti-Virus Protection

· MacAfee – Group shield.
· Norton Corporate Edition

Third party Server software

· Elite core’s 24Online server for bandwidth, user management & authentication.
· Net gazer server for bandwidth, user management & authentication.
· Nse Eicon, TAP Server
· Bse IML server
· CDSL’s CDAS Server
· Acer Software’s CROSS Backoffice server
· Acer Software’s TRADE NET,TRADE PLUS Backoffice server software
· Financial Technology’s Odin Manager
· Financial Technology’s Odin Database server
· Linux open source distributions.

1. ISP setup
Zillion Info network PVT. LTD., Rajkot

· No. Of Person in Team: Two
· Position held: Design engineer as well as administrator
· Hardware: 3com layer2 switch,3com access builder RAS server, 3com router.
· media: Co-axial,cat5,wireless,fiber,
· Software: 24online(Linux distribution) server, mail server, IDS(instruction detection system)
· Responsibility: As a Design engineer I have to design the network structure & Structure cabling, To decide which media to use depends on location.
· Installation and configuration of router, switch, Ras server, and other servers. As well as ip address scheme.
· Installation, Configure & Maintenance internal Network, Structured cabling Network is based on tree (cascade) topology with various media
· Developed to documentation the procedure of the Maintenance and Support cycle for Facility Management Project.
· Creating user account and bandwidth management,
2. Brokerage house setup :
. Techno share and stock pvt. Ltd.
. Ami Share and Stock Pvt Ltd.

Independent IT/IS Consultant

Duration: - since June 2008

Clients and Services:

Saurashtra kutchh stock exchange securities ltd.
  • Mail server -2 
  • Web Server -1,
  • Linux Firewall Server-1

Indian Railway Rajkot Control Room :
  • Linux firewall server

Speed Online Pvt Ltd

Cloud setup with Following Servers & Open Source Software :

  • CentOS Linux 6.2
  •  Xen Hypervizor for Virtualization Platform
  • Network Bandwidth Monitoring Server (Cacti, Nagios)
  • Mail Server (Qmail, Vpopmail, Mysql, Apache, Spamassasin, ClamAv)
  • DNS Server ( Bind ) 
  • Intrusion Detection System (Snort,Mysql,Apache)
  • VPN ( OpenSSL, Lzo, etc.) 
  • WebHosting Platform (Commercial Cpanel Software and Linux Web hosting related packages) 

Sunflower Broking Pvt Ltd.

  • Mail server
  • Various type of 5 Online trading server
  • Sql database application server
  • Network and  Technologies like MPLS,Lease Line,VPN,Fiber,Wifi etc..


Angel Broking Ltd Rajkot

Duration:- June 2006 to February 2008

Designation: Network Administrator

Job Profile : -

· Responsible for maintaining connectivity of 8 branches for online trading network by various media like ISDN, Lease Line, MPLS, Tulip, Wireless Lan.
· Disaster recovery and backup continuity planning
· Training and supporting branch engineers
· Implement and maintain ISO 17799 standard
· Network traffic analysis
· Network monitoring By NMS


Working Experience:

SKSE Securities Ltd. Rajkot.

Duration:- June 2005 to June 2006

Designation: Network Administrator

Job Profile : -

Managing and providing solutions to app. 300 clients Commencing trading through ODIN (FTIL`s front end trading software). These client terminals are connected through LAN, Dial-Up, and VPN Network created by mode of VSATS. Responsible for all updation of versions released by FTIL, NSE and BSE, respectively at server end and at Client Location.

In Addition to front office I was also handling the following Servers and managing their client accounts and related Queries :

· Web server maintain and update
· Mail server (For Daily Bill Distribution) update, maintain and develop
· BSE,NSE servers, odin manager. Troubleshooting, maintenance and antivirus updation,
· Lan and Vsat analyzing and performance checking,
· Client side browser support for Back office application and printer setting,
· Client side outlook support,
· Back office client software maintenance and troubleshooting,
· Client side odin software troubleshooting.
· Troubleshooting network problems,
· DP client and server software maintain and update (cdsl’s cdas server and offline cross server),
· Using IDS (Instruction Detection System) and sniffers for network performance monitoring.

Development :-


With features of :- Quail for fast send and receive, Web interface (like yahoo and rediff),Facility to export outlook address book for webmail, Total restriction on users, can specify that which user can send mail or not.
Spam filtering to avoid junk mail from viruses, Antivirus for scanning mail. in both way send and receive,
Quarantine option to decide that what to do with mail which contains virus, Log files for complete record.
Ability to see mails which are in queue and can force to send, Notice mail from server if it didn’t reach destination, Caching options to use with proxy server (internet connection sharing) Which cache the objects frequently used, which saves the bandwidth about 30% and serves the frequently used objects from local server.
Restriction to internet users, filtering for particular websites, Firewall to prevent virus attacks.
Graph of bandwidth and memory cpu usage, Currently 15 users are sharing one regular internet connection without any problem, for mail using it for 30000 users, It can work for thousands of users.

Under development:
Messenger server for intranet + internet users:-
As commercial service like yahoo and msn, chat server which supports up to thousands of users.
Bulletin board service:-
Group of users can discuss about any topic and other users can read it (work with internet + LAN)
OPENVPN server:-
Users from Internet can use LAN servers by internet through secure ssl tunnel, authentication based on client certificate and encrypted password. .


Working Experience:

Zillion info network Pvt Ltd (Rajkot)

Duration: - September-2004 to June 2005

Designation: - Network Administrator

Company Profile:-

Zillion info network PVT. LTD. is a Rajkot base leading C class ISP in Cable Networks which have more than 250 customers. It has a latest infrastructure of dedicated Optic Fiber Cables and Wireless.

Job Profile:-

· Configuration and installation of Lease line to corporate users and Cyber café by WAN & Cable.
· Maintenance & troubleshooting of Router, Manageable Switches, Lease Lines and OFC.
· Maintenance & troubleshooting of various type of Server, like Bandwidth manager, Cache Server, FTP Server, DNS Server, IDS Server, Radius Server.
· Network monitoring by various type of network monitoring software.
· Cables Performance and link monitoring.
· Server, Installation, configuration and troubleshooting for various type of hardware.
· Providing technical support to Network Engineers.
· Network sniffring to find virus infected computers which generates heavy broadcast and bad traffic which Results collision and downtime

Achievement :-

· Was given responsibilities to do set up of company’s network, therefore I have experience to do
ISP set up.
· Was designed Secured, redundant segmented network with 100mbps bandwidth.
· Used media such as cat3 & cat5 OFC, Wireless to set up the network and also used device such as
cat3 &cat5,OFC, wireless to set up the network and also used device such as switch, media converter, XDSL Modem


Working Experience:

Speed online Pvt Ltd.

Duration:- january-2001 to August-2004

Designation:- Network Engineer

Company Profile :-

Speed Online is a Rajkot base leading C class ISP in Cable Networks which have more than 800customers and 8MBPS. Speed Online have a latest infrastructure of dedicated Optic Fiber Cables and Wireless. Speed Online provides a wide array of digital connectivity to the Internet for large corporate customers

Job Profile :-

· Configuration and installation of Lease line to corporate users and Cyber café.
· Maintenance & troubleshooting of Switches, hub, Lease Lines and OFC.
· Network monitoring to find virus-infected computers, which generate heavy broadcast.
· Cables Performance and link monitoring.
· Server, Installation, configuration and troubleshooting for various type of hardware.
· Providing technical support to the Cable users and Corporate Clients.

Achievement :-

· implementation of network from 10BaseT to 100BaseTX and FX to segment collision domain
· Provide extra services like Antivirus and Firewall to customer end.
· Implementations Network by using Cisco 2950 (Layer II) and 3750 (Multilayer) switches to segment broadcast domain
· Designed redundant network which gives 100% uptime


Full Name:- Acharya Prasann Ravibhai

Gender: Male

Status: Single

Date of Birth: 9th Oct, 1980

Languages Known: English, Gujarati and Hindi



 Diploma in EC

IT Cetificate :
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate.)

Acharya Prasann
IT Consultant

C: +91 987 9400866

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